All Sales are Final — The Conception Kit is a “Medical Device”, and pursuant to State and Federal law as applied to Medical Devices, cannot be returned or refunded once the Conception Kit is received or opened by the customer.
The Conception Kit is Not Received — A replacement Conception Kit will be sent, at no cost, if the original Conception Kit order is lost in shipment under the following condition:

To qualify for a replacement Conception Kit, customer must have notified Conception Kit Customer Service within 14 days of when the order was shipped. If we do not receive notification within this 14-day period, Conceivex, Inc. is under no obligation to ship a replacement Conception Kit.

Missing Conception Kit Components — If upon initial receipt and inventory of the Conception Kit, there are found to be a missing kit component(s), you must notify Conception Kit Customer Service within 10 days of the missing component(s) from your receipt of the Conception Kit.

Failure to notice Conception Kit Customer Service within this timeframe relieves Conceivex, Inc. of any further obligation to missing Conception Kit component(s). Missing Conception Kit component(s) will be replaced one time per individual Conception Kit order. Conceivex, Inc. is not responsible for any Conception Kit components that are missing or lost following one replenishment of missing component(s) from a previous order.

Contact Conception Kit Customer Service emailing
or by Phone at: 888 - 306 - 6366.
Thank you for your Order,

Conceivex, Inc.