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A Proven Solution

A Proven Solution

Cervical cap insemination aids have been effectively used since the 1950’s.  The effectiveness has been well studied and published. The class effect on this form of treatment ranges from 18-44%.

A Natural Way

A Natural Way

When you get pregnant using the non-invasive Conception Kit®, imagine the relief and joy you’ll feel knowing your baby was conceived as naturally as possible and at home.

An Affordable Option

An Affordable Option

Getting pregnant is supposed to be free- but millions of couples end up spending thousands of dollars to achieve their dreams. We encourage you to start with the Conception Kit® as your first step treatment and spend less than $400 for a 3-month system. (covered under many insurance plans for a low co-pay of $0-$50).

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Hundreds of couples have gotten pregnant using the Conception Kit® - Now it’s your turn!



Getting pregnant is supposed to be free, easy and private. We agree, that’s the best way. However, more and more couples like you, about 1 in 8, are having difficulty getting pregnant. This not only caused internal emotional stress but also can cause a financial hardship. Crypto trading can be a great help to support you in your financial hardships. The best strategies and the right trades can fetch good returns. Trading bots can also help traders to simplify their trading procedures. Check the BitAlpha AI test results to find one of the best crypto robots.

That is why we offer the Conception Kit® at-home system, as an affordable, easy and natural way to get pregnant.

Please review the chart below to find out how the Conception Kit® measures up with both over the counter and invasive procedures.



  • 3 FDA-cleared Conception Caps ®
  • 1 Practice Conception Cap ®
  • 24 Conceivex Ovulation Predictors
  • 3 Latex-Free Conceivex Semen Collectors
  • 3 Sperm-Friendly Intimate Moisturizers
  • 3 Pregnancy Tests
  • 1 Conception Wheel
  • 1 Conception Journal
  • 1 Instruction Manual


$0 - $50*

( *Co-pay rates will vary.)

HSA and FSA eligible



  • 3 FDA-cleared Conception Caps ®
  • 1 Practice Conception Cap ®
  • 24 Conceivex Ovulation Predictors
  • 3 Latex-Free Conceivex Semen Collectors
  • 3 Sperm-Friendly Intimate Moisturizers
  • 3 Pregnancy Tests
  • 1 Conception Wheel
  • 1 Conception Journal
  • 1 Instruction Manual



HSA and FSA eligible




Fertility Workup for a Diagnosis:


( the upper limit )

Drug Medications Per Month:

$200 - $2,000

( rates may vary )

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI):


( per insemination cycle with medication )

In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF):

$12,000 - $15,000

( per cycle, most couples require several cycles )


$5,000 - $60,000*

( *Estimated costs. )


Learn why the Conception Cap® is key to the entire kit. Watch video to learn more…



The Conception Kit® at-home system offers help to couples with a first step to getting pregnant with an easy, low cost solution done as naturally as possible and under the care of a doctor.

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The Conception Kit® at-home system offers help to couples trying to get pregnant with a three-month comprehensive, all encompassing system. This gives you 3 chances to get pregnant using a time tested and proven medical device plus all of the other tools needed- including ovulation predictors and pregnancy tests. The Conception Kit® at-home system is reliable, safe and intimate, giving you all the tools to reclaim your hope of getting pregnant.

We know how disappointing it is to go month after month without a positive pregnancy test. You probably feel frustrated and stressed . We understand how you feel. The Conception Kit® has helped thousands of couples, like you, become pregnant. When you use the Conception Kit® you will have all the items needed to time your intercourse, protect the sperm, and test for pregnancy. The Conception Kit® is available by prescription only and is covered by many insurances.

The Conception Kit® at-home system has FDA clearance and is indicated for fertility issues on both the male and female side. Regardless of whether the problem is low sperm count, low sperm motility or hostile vaginal environment that kills healthy sperm-or even if you don’t know the problem- the key is to time your ovulation, protect the sperm and place them as close to the egg as possible for the longest amount of time. You don’t need to know what the problem is to use the Conception Kit® and have it work for you.

The Conception Cap® creates a perfect environment for the sperm and shields them from the vaginal environment. During normal intercourse 90% of the sperm die within the first 10 minutes after the ejaculate starts to liquefy. The sperm swim onto the vaginal walls and die or get pulled out due to action of the penis. Inside the Conception Cap® sperm are protected and can live beyond the six hours you wear the cap. Accordingly, the sperm can do their job and pass through the Cervical os and swim up to fertilize your egg.

Click the Discover Your Path Button to download a packet of forms to bring to your doctor and pharmacy. See your doctor and ask for a prescription. Start using the Conception Kit® at-home system and enhance your opportunity to conceive the family you have always dreamed of having.



You are looking for a proven solution that works to help you get pregnant. We get that. It is comforting to know that if your grandparents were struggling to get pregnant so many years ago, then they probably used something very similar to the Conception Kit® to get pregnant.

Cervical caps have been used successfully by couples like you going back to the 1930s. The very first issue published of the medical Journal Fertility and Sterility in 1950 featured an article on the efficacy of using a cervical cap to get pregnant. The medical literature is filled with studies showing that cervical caps are a proven solution for overcoming common issues to get pregnant with an efficacy range of between 14-44%, with one study showing an efficacy of 53%.

However, cervical caps fell out of use because there wasn’t an at home solution, you had to go to the hospital to get it done, and you had to be fitted with one of 12 different sizes. Eventually, it fell out of practice because the costs were too high to occupy a bed for several hours.

Realizing the need of couples to have a first step, low cost, at home, easy solution, we developed the Conception Kit® at-home system for you. What makes the Conception Kit® different is the one size fits most cervical cap designed for at home use. It is made from soft surgical grade silicon rather than hard materials as in the past. In addition, the Conception Cap® design has pushed the boundaries of injection molding technology so that when the cap is on your cervix it will collapse naturally in such a way that the sperm pushes up against the cervical os.

Unlike your grandmother, the Conception Kit® can be used at home and once the cap is placed you can go about your daily activities as normal.

We know that the Conception Kit® is effective and we receive testimonials all the time from couples who have gotten pregnant using the kit. We can’t wait to hear from you too!

If you are like most people, you don’t want to have to see your doctor to get pregnant. We understand. However, there are very good reasons why you will probably want see your doctor at the start of your journey to get pregnant. First, it saves precious time. Too often, couples will try to get pregnant for over a year or more, before finally seeing their doctor. When they finally do, they discover that their insurance won’t reimburse for treatments until you have been trying for 6 to 12 months. Second, the waiting period begin after your first visit to the doctor. So, if you have already been trying for 12 months or more, then you will have to wait another 12 months before getting reimbursable treatments. Third, if you are not conceiving you should be under the care of a doctor to see if there are more serious problems that need to be addressed. So, seeing your doctor early on is to your advantage.

The good news is you don’t have to wait 6 to 12 months to use the Conception Kit®, you can use it immediately and your insurance will cover it as part of your pharmacy health benefit. This means that the Conception Kit® will only cost you on average $25 for a three-month supply.

No. Most couples wisely look for low cost ways to increase their fertility and opportunity to conceive before seeking costly and invasive ways to get pregnant.

The Conception Kit® is designed to be a first step assistance whether you know that you have a specific problem, or are just looking to increase your chances to get pregnant. It can be used at every step of your journey to conception success because it simply enhances what your body is designed to do naturally.

Going the route of getting a fertility work up first before using the Conception Kit can be costly and more stressful for you and your relationship. Added stress has been shown to negatively impact the success of getting pregnant.

That is why we created the Conception Kit® at-home system so that you can enhance your opportunity to conceive in a way that is low cost, easy, full of joy and stress free.

We know that you spend a lot of money each month on insurance, so the Conception Kit® is designed to be a part of the basic pharmacy benefit plan on many health insurances. If covered on your plan, you will only have a minimal co-pay to get the Conception Kit® and start enhancing your opportunity to conceive right away.

Many insurances now cover the Conception Kit®, however some may not yet, we are adding new policies all the time.

The best way to find out if the Conception Kit® is covered on your policy is to call your benefit manager (the phone number is on the back of your health insurance card) and ask if your insurance covers the Conception Kit®. Give your benefit manager the name: “Conception Kit®�? and the National Drug Code (NDC) number: 8597-1111-13.

Your benefit manager will be able to tell you if the Conception Kit® at-home system is covered and what the copay will be. But even if your insurance doesn’t cover the Conception Kit® yet, the Conception Kit® is still a very low cost and easy first step that is an affordable investment when you consider the expensive and highly invasive fertility treatments that are down the road.

If you do have coverage you will need a prescription to  purchase the Conception Kit directly from us and then submit your receipt to your insurance company for reimbursement.  We cannot currently process insurance claims.

Every Conception Kit® comes with a three- month supply. Prices may vary, but the suggested retail price is $399, that works out to be about $133 a month.

For some, this may seem like a high price to pay out of pocket for something that should work for free. We understand how you feel, in fact we feel the same way - couples should be able to get pregnant in a low cost, easy and joyful way possible.

However, infertility is an increasing problem. 1 in 6 couples struggle to get pregnant, and the average sperm count in men has decreased from 150 million to 50 million in the last 80 years. This means that what used to be free and easy for everyone, is becoming something that has become costly and difficult for more and more people trying to conceive.

That is why we designed The Conception Kit® to be as low cost and easy to use as possible in your own home, so that you don’t have to go down the path of costly and difficult interventions.

Infertility treatments can be extremely expensive:

Fertility Workup for a Diagnosis: $5,000

Drug Medications Per Month: $200 - $2,000

Intrauterine Insemination IUI with Medication per cycle: $1,100 or more per insemination cycle

In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) per cycle: $12,000 - $15,000
(most couples require several cycles)

TOTAL Cost: $5,000 to $60,000

The Conception Kit® is designed to be as low cost, easy to use and joyful as possible, so that you can get pregnant in the privacy of your home rather than having to take out a second mortgage on your home to get pregnant.

Getting a Conception Kit® is as easy as 1, 2, and 3.

Step 1: Click “Start Now.�? When you do, enter your first name and email and we will send you a Getting Started Packet that will have the steps and resources you need to get your Conception Kit® at-home system as soon as possible.

Step 2: Get a prescription from your doctor. Call your doctor for an appointment. Ask your doctor about the Conception Kit® and give her the Physician’s Fact Sheet in the packet. The Conception Kit is available by prescription. You will need a prescription to get the Conception Kit® at-home system filled directly from us.

Step 3:  Send the prescription to us at [email protected] or fax it to us at 616-642-0257.  We will validate your prescription and send you an e-mail invoice for our Conception Kit.  After we receive payment we will ship the Kit to you with free two day delivery.  Once you receive the Conception Kit, read the instructions and journal your cycle.  Start preparing for your journey to conceive at home, the way nature intended.

The Conception Kit® comes with a three- month supply of kits, plus one practice Conception Cap®.

In addition, each box comes with a manual, a conception journal, and conception wheel to help you know when to time using your Conception Kit®.

A one- month supply includes: 8 ovulation predictors to help you precisely target your day of ovulation; 1 special FDA cleared semen collector designed to have zero impact on the health of the sperm and the permeability of your cervical mucus; 1 specially designed lubricant that will have no impact on sperm or permeability of your cervical mucus; 1 sterile cervical cap with tray; 1 pregnancy test.

No. Your health and that of your baby is extremely important to us. The semen collector and Conception Cap® is used once on the best day possible for conception to occur. These should not be reused by trying to clean them. Any type of detergent or cleaning agent can become a spermicide and work against your goal of conception and should not be used on the Conception Cap® or semen collector.
Natural intercourse is designed to have the man’s semen pool in the vagina where the cervix and cervical mucus can touch it. Once the sperm transfer from the semen pool into the cervical mucus they penetrate the small opening of the cervix called the “cervical os�? during ovulation. When that happens, the sperm can enter the uterus and swim to the egg and fertilize it.

However, things don’t always work out as they are supposed to. Statistically speaking, 40% of fertility problems are due to male factor, 40% to female factor, and 20% unknown.

Some of the issues on the male side are low sperm count and low sperm motility. Sperm counts have been falling across the board in the last 80 years.

On the female side there can be many issues, but in regard to natural intercourse, 90% of sperm die in the vaginal canal within 10 minutes because of pH levels that create a hostile vaginal environment. In addition, a woman’s physical anatomy and positioning of the cervix can make hitting the cervical os more challenging.

Then there is the simple fact that a great deal of semen falls out of the vaginal canal following intercourse when the man withdraws.

With the Conception Kit® at-home system we have designed a solution that overcomes common problems to enhance your opportunity to conceive in a way that is low cost, easy, intimate and at home. This is how it works:

Three Month Supply - Every Conception Kit® at-home system has a three-month supply, to optimize your chances to conceive.

Practice Conception Cap - Every Conception Kit® comes with an extra Conception Cap® for practice so that you can learn how to place the cap confidently before you use the kit. You can even schedule an appointment with your doctor to have her check to see if you placed the cap effectively. When the time comes to use the Kit, you will be ready.

Ovulation timing - There are 8 ovulation predictors for each month so that you know exactly when to plan your intercourse using the Conception Cap®.

Semen Collector - The semen collector is a specially designed sheath that is patented and cleared by the FDA so that it will not impact the quality of the sperm or the permeability of the cervical mucus. The man wears the semen collector during normal intercourse so that the sperm are captured and protected in the collector.

Sperm Friendly Lubricant - Many lubricants can have negative impacts on the sperm and cervical mucus. The Conception Kit® provides a FDA cleared sperm friendly lubricant so that the natural process is protected and your intercourse can be easy and joyful.

Conception Cap® - Following intercourse using the semen collector, the semen is placed into the sterile Conception Cap® and placed on the cervix. This concentrates the semen directly on the cervical mucus at the cervical os. The Conception Cap® protects the sperm from the harmful pH of the vaginal canal and creates the best opportunity for the sperm to enter the cervical os and swim to the egg.

The Conception Cap® has a patented design that helps the cap collapse in such a way that the semen comes into contact with the cervical os. Once the cap is in place, it will stay in place until removed. That means you can go about your normal activities.

The Conception Kit® at-home system simply enhances the way your body is designed to conceive naturally. The Conception Kit® is a first step treatment on your journey to enhancing the opportunity to get pregnant.

When you click “Get Started�? you will receive a packet of information that includes a physician fact sheet that you can give your doctor when you ask your doctor about the Conception Kit.
Yes. The Conception Kit® at-home system is cleared by the FDA for low sperm count and low sperm motility and hostile vaginal environment - issues impacting both the male side and female side of getting pregnant.

However, you do not need to have any of these conditions for the Conception Kit to help you because the way the Conception Kit® works is by simply enhancing what your body is designed to do naturally.