Empowers Couples

When a patient is trying to conceive and pregnancy is not obtained after several attempts it can become a very frustrating experience. The Conception Kit® is a way to address the patient’s frustration and fertility issues in the privacy of their own home.

This at-home system empowers the couple by giving them a safe, simple and practical first step to use during the initial attempts to become pregnant.

The Conception Kit® allows the partners a private proactive approach by using at-home cervical cap insemination and timed intercourse.

Many insurance plans now cover the Conception Kit® as a pharmacy benefit making this a simple co-pay at the pharmacy for the patient.

Whether the patient is trying to get pregnant with a first baby or adding to a growing family, conceiving a child is not always easy. The Conception Kit® at-home system is a comprehensive, FDA-cleared medical device. It is designed to help couples go beyond ovulation timing and overcome common fertility problems such as low sperm count, low sperm motility, and pH imbalance.

A prescription is required in the United States. Have your physician write a prescription for 1 Conception Kit®.

Now available by prescription at Target, Walmart and Rite Aid pharmacies.

Click here for the Physician Fact Sheet.