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Semen Collector (Condom)
 Intimate Moisturizer Sample

Once ovulation has been determined, it's time to have intercourse normally using the special non-latex semen collector (condoms) and sperm friendly Pre-SeedEX Intimate Moisturizer sample contained in the Conception Kit. Both of these products are specially designed not to interfere with conception.

After ejaculating into the collector, the male is instructed to remove it immediately, because the semen will be thicker and easier to work with. The longer the wait, the thinner and more liquid the semen will become.

The Conception Cap comes packaged in a tray that will hold the cap upright on any flat surface. The patient simply squeezes the semen from the semen collector into the Conception Cap.
Your patient can only use the semen collector provided in the Conception Kit. These semen collector (condoms) were selected and tested to make sure they will not have any detrimental effect on the sperm's motility and livelihood. Latex condoms kill sperm, and latex gives some people an allergic reaction. Many condoms contain spermicide that will kill sperm.

Your patient should only use the Pre-SeedEX Intimate Moisturizer sample to help with vaginal dryness. Other lubricants, moisturizers and folk medications (such as egg whites) can prevent pregnancy from occurring by killing sperm. Some of the most popular lubricants can create a barrier that interferes with sperm movement. However, sperm in Pre-SeedEX are able to move freely through both the semen and the Pre-SeedEX moisturizer.*

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