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About the Conception Kit

• Everything you need is inside the Conception Kit.
• Only the Conception Kit has the FDA cleared Conception Cap.
The Conception Cap concentrates the semen at the cervical opening for 6-8 hours. In the vagina, sperm can only live for a few hours. However, once the sperm swims into the cervical mucus the sperm can live for several days. By placing the sperm inside the Conception Cap and then placing the Cap directly on your cervix, you have positioned the sperm in direct contact with the cervical mucus. When the sperm are in direct contact with the cervical mucus they have increased their chance to live and fertilize the egg. Only the FDA cleared Conception Cap puts the sperm in direct contact with the cervical mucus at the cervical opening!
The Conception Kit can help address the following problems:
• Low sperm count
Timing ovulation
Tilted cervix
Position during intercourse
• Low sperm motility (weak swimming sperm)
Hostile vaginal environment
Irregular position of the penis opening (hypospadias and epispadias)
To Order By Phone: 616-452-2700
From Canada: +1 (616) 248-5845

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