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About the Conception Kit

Sperm Motility Issues
Sperm motility refers to a sperm's swimming ability.  For most men, more than half of their sperm are fine swimmers, while in the same sample of semen some sperm will be poor swimmers, and still others won't swim at all.  Low sperm motility refers to when more than half of a man's sperm are poor swimmers or don't swim at all.
Sperm that are positioned in the Conception Cap do not have to deal with the following issues:
  • Making the long journey through the vaginal cavity to the cervix
  • Being pulled out of the vaginal cavity by the penis
  • Becoming lost in the vagina
  • Being flushed out by gravity
  • Being met by a hostile vaginal environment, or
  • Semen not pooling in the right location to meet up with the cervix

For men with low motility issues or low sperm counts the Conception Cap will enhance the opportunity to conceive.

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