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About the Conception Kit

How to Use the Conception Kit

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First, the couple identifies the best day to conceive, using the LH surge ovulation predictors provided with the Conception Kit. The day after the LH surge is the best day to become pregnant.

The couple should have sex normally using the non-latex semen collector and sperm-friendly intimate moisturizer.

The semen is then immediately squeezed from the collector into the Conception Cap.

The Conception Cap is placed over the cervix for six to eight hours, or overnight.

(Click here for Conception Cap insertion instructions)
At the end of the monthly cycle it is time to use the pregnancy test kit to determine if you were successful.

The Conception Journal is provided to give instructions and helpful hints on what a couple can do to enhance their chances of conception. The Conception Journal includes two charts that when completed will become a detailed record of your cycle and medications taken during your cycle. The charts can be useful tools for your doctor to review if you need further assistance later on.

The Conception Wheel will help in timing conception and planning a pregnancy.

The Health Care Provider Note is designed to let your medical provider know that you're trying to conceive. Pregnancy may involve serious health risks. Your health care provider needs to know you are trying conceive.

The Conception Kit can be used for six months (two kits).

The normal number of attempts required to conceive will vary from couple to couple. If you have not become pregnant after using the Conception Kit for six months (two kits), you should consult your medical provider. Make sure to take your Conception Journal to the medical appointment. Your personal charts in the Journal will be invaluable if you need to seek further medical assistance.

Your medical provider may wish to test the man's sperm count and motility. He or she may prescribe medication, such as Clomid®, in conjunction with continued use of the Conception Kit.

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