Conceivex Conception Kit
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Conception Cap

Conception Cap Insertion Instructions

To use the Conception Cap correctly you will need a good understanding of the female body and where the cervix is located.

How to find your cervix is explained in the Conception Kit Instruction Manual.

The Conception Kit comes with a Practice Conception Cap.
This is provided for you to practice with prior to using the actual three Conception Caps, which are intended for aiding conception. Use the Practice Conception Cap prior to detecting your LH surge. 
Use the fertility prediction tools included in the Conception Kit to determine the best time to try and get pregnant.
When ready, have sex normally using the special non-latex semen collector and sperm-friendly intimate moisturizer. After sex, squeeze the semen from the collector
into the Conception Cap. If needed, you may place the Conception Cap back in it's protective tray (not shown in this image). The tray will hold the cap in an upright position, making it easier to deposit the contents of the semen collector.
Figure 1
Figure 2
Figure 3

1. Pinch the Conception Cap together (figure 1).
2. Insert the Conception Cap into your vagina (figure 2).
3. Place the Conception Cap over you're cervix (figure 3).

Leave the Conception Cap in place for four to six hours.
While the Conception Cap is on your cervix, you can move about normally. If placed onto your cervix properly, the Conception Cap will not fall off.
To remove the Conception Cap:
Pull on the loop with your finger.

Avoid choking hazards for children and pets by discarding the Conception Cap immediately after use.

Place the cap back into its tray and into the box before throwing it away.




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