Conceivex Conception Kit
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About the Conception Kit

What is the Conception Kit?

The Conception Kit® is designed for couples who want to enhance their opportunity to conceive in the privacy of home.

Each kit contains:

3 FDA-cleared Conception Caps®
1 Practice Conception Cap
24 Conceivex Ovulation Predictors
3 Latex-free Conceivex Semen Collectors
3 Sperm-Friendly Intimate Moisturizers
3 Pregnancy Tests
1 Conception Wheel
1 Conception Journal
1 Instruction Manual

These components are designed to be used together for up to three months. The Conceivex Conception Cap is the only FDA cleared cervical cap for at-home conception.

Included in each Conception Kit® order is a practice Conception Cap® to help you learn how to place the Conception Cap on your cervix.

The Conception Kit is covered by many insurance policies with a co-pay between $25-$50.
The Conception Kit® is now covered by many health insurance plans. The co-pay (your portion) varies from plan to plan, but is $25-$50 for most patients.  As each insurance plan is unique, simply call Conceivex at 1-616-642-6917 ext 109 during business hours (9 to 5 EST). A member of our staff will faciliate answering your insurance questions and connect with a DesignRx Pharmacy partner to see if your policy covers the Conception Kit. 
Please have your insurance card available when you call.
If you call your own pharmacist or insurance company to check your coverage please be prepared to provided them with the information below.
1. Your insurance card information.
2. Product name: Conception Kit
3. Product NDC number: 08597-1111-13
How does it work?

The cornerstone of the kit is the Conception Cap®, which brings the semen in direct contact with the opening of the cervix for four to six hours. This allows the sperm cells a greater opportunity to move into the uterine cavity and fertilize an egg.
The Conception Kit® is a three-month supply and is now covered by many health insurance plans for a simple co-pay of $25-$50. Click here for details on insurance coverage.
A prescription is required if ordering in the United States.

Free DVD offerQuestions?
Request a free Educational DVD by clicking the button on the left, or call Customer Support at 1-616-642-6917 ext 109.

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