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About the Conception Kit

Problems with Sperm Motility 

The motility of the sperm has to do with the ability for the sperm to swin and reach the egg.  Low motility refers to cases where more than half of the sperm can not swim progressively.  The test for low motility takes into account the number of sperm that are forwardly swimming.  Even a low number of forwardly swimming sperm can obtain a pregnancy.  The Conception Kit allows men to take a proactive approach in addressing low sperm motility with the use of the Conception Cap.

The sperm placed in the Conception Cap:
  • Do not have to make the log journey through the vaginal canal
  • Are not pulled out of the vagina with the withdrawal of the penis
  • Are not lost in the vagina
  • Are not pulled out due to gravity
  • Inside the Conception Cap sperm are not put in contact with the vaginal enviroment which can kill sperm
  • Are placed at the opening of the cervix for up to six hours
  • Are protected from the vaginal enviroment
  • Are concentrated at the cervical opening

By protecting and concentrating the semen directly on the cervical opening for six hours, the Conception Cap gives all avaiable sperm the opportunity to enter the uterus and begin their journey to the egg.  




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