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About the Conception Kit

The Conception Kit™ and Fertility Medication

If you are taking fertility medication such as clomiphene citrate (commonly sold as Clomid®), the Conception Kit™ is the perfect addition to your treatment routine.
It helps patients enhance their opportunity to conceive by providing:
• A private, FDA-cleared step to take before moving on to more expensive,
invasive clinical procedures.
• A safe way to maximize each medication cycle by placing sperm
where they need to be at the optimum time for conception.
The Conception Kit is covered by many insurance policies!
The Conception Kit® is now covered by many health insurance plans. The co-pay (your portion) varies from plan to plan, but is $25-$50 for most patients.  As each insurance plan is unique, simply call Conceivex at 1-616-642-6366 during business hours (9 to 5 EST). A member of our staff will faciliate answering your insurance questions and connect with a DesignRx Pharmacy partner to see if your policy covers the Conception Kit. 
Please have your insurance card available when you call.
If you call your own pharmacist or insurance company to check your coverage please be prepared to provided them with the information below.
1. Your insurance card information.
2. Product name: Conception Kit
3. Product NDC number: 08597-1111-13
What makes the Conception Kit™the perfect
complement to fertility medications?

In order to fertilize an egg in the fallopian tube, sperm must first leave the semen pool and pass through the mucous layer of the cervical os, or opening. Unfortunately, normal sexual intercourse is not the most effective way to deliver sperm to this area.
In fact, only a small percentage of available sperm actually make it to the cervical os after being ejaculated into the vaginal canal.
Now that you are using fertility medication to stimulate your egg production, it is important to give every available sperm the opportunity to swim through the cervical os and continue the journey towards the egg.
The kit's Conception Cap® helps you acheive this by:
• Shielding the fragile sperm cells from the acidic environment of the vagina, allowing sperm to live for hours instead of minutes;
• Preventing the backflow of semen into the vagina due to gravity;
• Holding a concentrated pool of semen
in direct contact with the cervical mucous for 4 to 6 hours.

Remember: Fertility drugs can only be used for a limited time.
Take full advantage of every cycle by adding the Conception Kit™ to your treatment routine.
"My husband and I had been trying to have a baby for ten cycles.
Four of those ten we were on Clomid* [Clomiphene Citrate] -
but still no success...I talked my doctor into keeping me on the Clomid for a fifth month so I could take it in conjunction with the kit.
The FIRST month we used the kit I got a positive pregnancy test!
I will recommend this kit to anyone I know that is trying to conceive. The price of the kit was so small compared to what fertility treatments would have cost."
- Pam
St. Charles, Missouri
* "Clomid" is a registered trade mark ® of Sanofi-aventis.

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