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About the Conception Kit

The Conception Kit Can Help Overcome

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The Conception Kit was designed to address some of the more common problems that might be keeping a couple from becoming pregnant.
On the male side… the Conception Kit can help address the following problems:
  • Low sperm motility (weak swimming sperm)
  • Low sperm count
  • Irregular position of the penis opening (hypospadias and epispadias)
When sperm are concentrated in the Conception Cap, they do not have to contend with the following issues:
  • Making the long journey through the vaginal cavity
    to the cervix
  • Being pulled out of the vaginal cavity by the penis
  • Becoming lost in the vagina
  • Being flushed out by gravity
  • Being met by a hostile vaginal environment, or
  • Semen not pooling in the right location to meet up with the cervix
For men with low sperm count or motility issues the Conception Cap will help enhance the opportunity to conceive. The position of the penis opening is also not a factor when using the Conception Kit. With the Conception Kit the semen is collected in a special semen collector and transferred to the Conception Cap. 
On the female side… the Conception Kit can help address the following problems:
  • Timing ovulation
  • Hostile vaginal environment
  • Position during intercourse
  • Tilted cervix

For females...when the semen/sperm are positioned in the Conception Cap a tilted cervix or position of intercourse is not an issue since the sperm are placed directly on the cervix!  A hostile vaginal enviroment is also addressed since the sperm are inside the Conception Cap and will not touch the vaginal enviroment.  Timing ovulation is made easier with 8 ovulation predictors per month (24 total).


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