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About the Conception Kit

Diminished Sperm Count

A normal ejaculation of semen can contain 100 million sperm.  On a good trip, only 200 sperm will swim all the way to the egg.  Their journey starts in the vaginal area and progresses through the cervical Os (the passage between the vaginal cavity and the uterus), where they must swim through the uterus to the correct fallopian tube to meet the newly released egg.

The Conception Cap, filled with semen, is placed over the cervix during ovulation, the conception “window of opportunity”.  The Conception Cap is left in place for four to six hours.

By placing the sperm closer to the egg, the Conception Cap gives the sperm a much greater opportunity to meet the egg.  When facing a low sperm count it is important to help every last sperm move closer to the egg.

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