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Conception Cap

Why the Conception Cap® is the Key:

By using a Conception Cap® you are placing the sperm in direct contact with the cervical opening which increases your opportunity to conceive. Only the direct contact Conception Cap® can do this in the privacy of home.

The purpose of the Conception Cap® is to concentrate all the available semen, unexposed to the vaginal environment, at the opening of the cervical os where it will be in contact with the cervical mucus.

From there the sperm leave the semen, swim though the cervical mucus and into the uterus, and then swim into the fallopian tube in search of the egg.
The Conception Kit is covered by many insurance policies.
The Conception Kit® is now covered by many health insurance plans. The co-pay (your portion) varies from plan to plan, but is $25-$50 for most patients.  As each insurance plan is unique, simply call Conceivex at 1-616-642-6917 ext 109 during business hours (9 to 5 EST). A member of our staff will faciliate answering your insurance questions and connect with a DesignRx Pharmacy partner to see if your policy covers the Conception Kit. 
Please have your insurance card available when you call.
If you call your own pharmacist or insurance company to check your coverage please be prepared to provided them with the information below.
1. Your insurance card information.
2. Product name: Conception Kit
3. Product NDC number: 08597-1111-13
By placing the semen in the Conception Cap® and then placing the cap on your cervix you accomplish the following:
  • Slow swimming sperm won’t have to travel through the vagina but are placed directly at the opening of the cervix. This gives more sperm the opportunity to swim through the cervix and meet up with the egg.
  • Semen that contains a low sperm count now has the benefit of being placed right at the cervical Os (the opening in the cervix), giving all of the sperm a head start to find the egg.

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  • The sperm are shielded from hostile environmental factors in the vagina, such as high or low pH or a yeast infection. Such hostile factors can, under ordinary circumstances, kill or significantly affect the motility of the sperm.
  • Allow a tilted cervix to connect with all available semen that is produced during ejaculation. Without the Conception Cap®, a tilted cervix might fail to come into contact with the semen pool.
  • The Conception Cap® works with the other components of the Conception Kit™ to enhance your opportunity to conceive. To ensure that all of the components used with the Conception Cap® meet our quality standards, it is only sold as part of the Conception Kit™.

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