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About the Conception Kit

Ovulation Predictors
The Conception Kit contains 24 ovulation predictors

Ovulation is the time of the month when you can conceive. 
The ovulation window can be recognized with the ovulation predictors provided in the kit. These predictors read when your luteinizing hormone levels increase (commonly called the LH surge). This hormone level generally rises 24 to 36 hours prior to the egg making its move from the follicle, down the fallopian tube and into the uterus.
Ovulation is the best time for the sperm to meet up with the egg as it travels to the uterus. The Conception Kit contains 24 ovulation predictors (8 per month). By using the ovulation predictors you will have a greater chance to pin point when your “ window to conceive”, is occurring.

Once you have determined that your LH surge has occurred, you should ovulate within 24-48 hours. After you have detected your LH surge you should have sex after 24 hours but before 48 hours using the semen collector, sperm-friendly intimate moisturizer and the Conception Cap.



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