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About the Conception Kit

Conception Kit's Health Care Provider Note

The Conception Kit contains a Health Care Provider Note that should be immediately sent to your doctor or health care professional informing them that you are trying to become pregnant.  Pregnancy involves serous health risks.  Consult a doctor or health care professional for possible health risks to you or your unborn child before using the Conception Kit. 

Letting your doctor or health care professional know that you are trying to conceive is very important.  As you begin your journey of enhancing your opportunity to conceive, you do not want medication that might interfere with or risk your chance to conceive.  It is known that certain drugs, herbs and over-the-counter medications can lower or interfere with your ability to conceive.  If you do not inform your doctor or health care professional, they may unknowingly prescribe something that will interfere with your quest to conceive.
By way of example, you go to your doctor or health care professional for a cold, and they prescribe an antihistamine medication.  While an antihistamine can be very helpful for the symptoms of a cold, it is very unhelpful for cervical mucus.  When you consume an antihistamine, all of the various types of mucus in your body are affected, including cervical mucus.  Anithistamines usually dry up cervical mucus, making it more difficult, and sometimes impossible, for sperm to pass through the cervical Os and into the uterus.

Additionally, your doctor or health care professional will likely want to prescribe prenatal vitamins and supplements for you, and discuss your personal health and how it will be affected by pregnancy.  They will also want to discuss the do's and don'ts of pregnancy, such as eating healthy, taking over the counter medications, smoking and consuming alcohol.

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