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News Coverage
10-29-06 Chicago Tribune
The Q section regularly reviews new products, but for today's special baby issue, we need reader help with an intriguing conception device: the Conception Kit.
6-6-06 WZZM-TV Grand Rapids, MI
GRAND RAPIDS - There's new help for couples trying to conceive. A west Michigan company has developed a Conception Kit that couples can use at home.

6-6-06 WOOD-TV Grand Rapids, MI
Local kit aims to give infertile couples hope
Conceivex, A company in Saranac, is marketing a kit that aims to give infertile couples new hope. It's called the Conception Kit and It went on the market over the Internet last month.

Product safe, easy, in-home use, affordable SARANAC, Mich., June 5 --
Many women with fertility challenges now may be able to conceive because of a new product that has been introduced to the marketplace. Called the Conception Kit(TM), it is a safe, effective and affordable product that is used in the privacy of the home and is purchased online. Conceivex, Inc., a Michigan-based company, developed and produces the Conception Kit(TM). 
6-9-06 Medical News Service.Com

Women With Fertility Challenges Now Offered New Product to Help Get Pregnant

Dr. Charles R. Barker Jr., D.O., of Belding, Michigan, explains, "Conception is not an exact science. Between the sperm and the egg, there are a vast number of obstacles that can prevent conception from occurring. The Conception Kit(TM) is designed to be a safe, affordable, easy-to-use way to overcome many of those challenges."
6-30-06 Grand Rapids Press
Kit intended as intermediate step before trying costly infertility treatments.
7-3-06 SooNews Wire
The Conception Cap
CNW--Health Canada (Sante Canada) has approved a new nethod of helping with fertility challenges to conceive. Called the COnception Kit(TM). it is safe, effective and affordable, and is used in the home.
7-4-06 Google Alert for: infertility
The Conception Cap - Sault Ste. Marie,Ontario,Canada
... percent of Canada's female population is affected by infertility. Today, increasing numbers of Canadians are seeking infertility evaluation and treatment.

7-13-06 WLNS TV
New treatment for Infertility
It's part of the natural cycle of life, but thousands of couples struggle with infertility. Now a local doctor has developed a product he says can increase the odds and help get couples on the road to reproduction. For Saheedah Dillard, pregnancy came easy the first time around. Shaheedah Dillard, patient: "Right away, right away, it took no time at all."

7-27-06 WNEM TV-5
Conception Kit
Through the years, couples who have difficulty conceiving have tried a number of different methods to help them become pregnant and now there's one more to add to the list.

Nouvelle méthode pour faciliter la conception

 Santé Canada vient d'approuver une nouvelle méthode pour faciliter la conception aux femmes qui connaissent des problèmes de fertilité. Selon Santé Canada, le "Conception Kit™" (trousse de conception) est sûr et efficace.

Conceivex inc., une entreprise américaine, est responsable de la création et de la production du Conception Kit™. Les Canadiennes peuvent se le procurer en ligne sans ordonnance d'un médecin. Le docteur Charles R. Barker fils, D.O., de Belding au Michigan, a déclaré que le Conception Kit™ permet de surmonter plusieurs des obstacles à la conception, entre autres la faible motilité spermatique (sperme ayant des difficultés à se déplacer), la faible numération des spermatozoïdes, le moment de l'ovulation, un milieu vaginal hostile, la position pendant l'accouplement et l'inclinaison du col de l'utérus.
Fall 2006 Conceive Magazine
Handy Dandy Conception Kit
After a few ,months, when "trying" can really become "trying," it's natural for couples to wonder what they're doing wrong, and what they need to get it right. New position? New ovulation monitor? New approach? Maybe a new conception kit... 
Medgadget on August 11, 2006 12:58 AM
Get Closer, with Conception Cap,
 It's Friday! Time to concentrate on reproduction. And there's no better way to do that than by putting on your Conception Caps! This FDA approved device apparently bypasses all the sperm-destroying aspects of lovemaking and physically puts semen as... 

Coolest Gadgets,UK- Aug 16, 2006 Conception Cap brings paradigm shift to conception
... of external aid. The whole wine, dine, and courting ritual receives some help in the form of the Conception Cap. The FDA has already ... 
9/14/ 2006 Google Alert for: infertility 
Couples with Infertility Problems May Have Prayers Answered with ...
Christian News Wire (press release) - Washington,DC,USA
14 /Christian Newswire/ -- Christian couples struggling with infertility can significantly increase their chances of becoming pregnant with a new FDA-approved ...











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