Recent study shared at the Endocrine Society meeting in Boston reveals a possible connection between common sunscreen ingredients and male infertility.

Results from a recent Danish study were shared at the 98th annual meeting of the Endocrine Society in Boston that found 45% of common sunscreen chemicals had a negative effect on human sperm cells. According to the study, 13 out of 29 UV filters used in sunscreens throughout the United States and Europe were tested and found to reduce sperm motility in a laboratory setting. The results of the study have not yet been peer-reviewed and further research is necessary to explore possible connections between the chemicals and decreased sperm motility, but there was evidence to suggest a correlation.

The research was focused on chemicals that are known as UV absorbers which are contained in some kinds of sunscreen. These ingredients absorb harmful UV rays so they do not penetrate the skin, but the chemicals themselves can then be absorbed into the skin, which may be affect the sperm cells’ ability to swim properly.   Researchers acknowledge that more evidence is needed to confirm the link, but feel it is important for regulatory agencies to take a closer look at the effects of products such as sunscreen to determine possible links to infertility.

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