By increasing their intake of three essential vitamins, men can help improve sperm count and sperm motility.

There are many natural ways to combat infertility. For example, experts suggest that men and women adopt a healthy diet, increase their daily exercise, get plenty of sleep, reduce stress, and avoid environmental toxins that cause fertility issues. Furthermore, there are specific vitamins that can help men increase their reproductive health which include: Selenium, Vitamin C, and Zinc. These vitamins support the healthy function of sperm production and sperm motility to increase fertility.

Benefits of Selenium

Selenium may not be the first vitamin you think of for improving health, but is actually a unique antioxidant that helps improve sperm motility. Current research has shown that selenium supplements have increased fertility in men and can improve the chances of conception when taken appropriately. However, as with any supplement, patients are encouraged to speak with their doctor before taking new vitamins. Selenium can also be sourced naturally from foods such as tuna, nuts, and sunflower seeds.

Benefits of Vitamin C

Vitamin C has a legacy of providing many health benefits, and it is just as helpful for boosting fertility as it is at boosting immunity. This is because recent research found that Vitamin C supplements boosted sperm motility in a group of 13 infertile men ages 25 to 35 during a 2006 study held by the Dubai Specialized Medical Center & Research Labs. The great news is that Vitamin C is easily sourced from natural foods such as apples, citrus fruits, broccoli, and green leafy vegetables.

Benefits of Zinc

Zinc is another vitamin commonly known for improving immunity, but it also helps boost male fertility.   Zinc supplements have shown to improve sperm motility. For example, a 2008 study by Kuwait University found that zinc supplements helped improve sperm motility in a group of men with immotile sperm. Zinc can be sourced naturally from foods such as oysters, crab, lobster, beef, and pumpkin seeds.

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Men who are interested in learning more about healthy vitamin supplements or using the Conception Kit® at-home system should speak with their doctor for more information.

About Conceivex Inc.

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