New Male Infertility Study Finds Massive Decline In Sperm Count & Concentration In Men From Western Nations

FDA Cleared Conception Kit® At-Home System By Conceivex Empowers Couples With Effective and Affordable Option To Meet This Challenge

BLOOMFIELD HILLS, Mich.-(BUSINESS WIRE)-Conceivex, maker of The Conception Kit® at-home system to treat infertility, said today that the recent study published in Human Reproduction Update – that found a 59-plus percent decline in total sperm count and more than a 52 percent fall in sperm concentration over the last almost 40 years – is only the latest indication that millions of couples increasingly require assistance to overcome the challenges they face in starting, or adding to, their family.

Conception Kit helps couples overcome sperm count decline w/ affordable, at-home treatment

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Led by Dr. Hagai Levine of Hebrew University of Jerusalem, an international team of researchers examined thousands of studies and then conducted a meta-analysis of 185 studies of men from North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. These included 42,935 male participants who provided semen samples between 1973 and 2011.

“The emerging body of evidence is clear, getting pregnant today is more difficult, expensive, and often requires help from a doctor,� Conceivex Founder and President Michael La Vean, said, “and it speaks to reasons why couples, clinicians, and employers who want to deliver a fertility benefit, see the Conception Kit as the first step in the continuum of fertility care. As a treatment that enhances the likelihood of conceiving naturally, it is affordable and respects the privacy of men and women via its at-home use.�

Specifically indicated as a treatment for low sperm count and motility, the Conception Kit is available only via prescription, which brings couples together with their doctor early on their path to conception. “We were inspired to create the Conception Kit to assist couples in becoming pregnant precisely because we recognized the trend toward lower sperm counts,� La Vean added.

The FDA required a clinical trial on placement of the Conception Kit’s Conception Cap® (a cervical cap that is used for insemination at home and increases the likelihood of conception) and instructions by patients. While the trial focused on women’s ability to use the Conception Kit, understand instructions, and place the Conception Cap correctly, the most exciting outcome was that 24 percent of the couples in the at-home study became pregnant within the first month. Patients who had struggled to conceive prior to using the Conception Kit and had attempted other forms of assisted reproduction were enrolled in the study.

“With more than 20 million women affected by infertility today, and men equally in need of support, we created the Conception Kit to help couples get pregnant without the need for hormones or drugs, and with as much ease as possible,� La Vean said. “Under a doctor’s care, and with the convenience and privacy of at-home treatment, the Conception Kit makes it possible for couples to take charge of their own fertility.�

La Vean also noted a recent report by FertilityIQ which found that fully-loaded, per treatment cycle costs of IVF are now $23,050, or nearly double the $12,400 that has been historically reported, effectively putting such a treatment out of reach for many couples.

The Conception Kit, which is available to couples via their existing insurance coverage for a modest $0-$50 co-pay, provides three months of supplies (including 24 ovulation predictors, three pregnancy tests, along with three Conception Caps, and a number of additional aides) – that, in many cases, would cost more over-the-counter than the total amount of a co-pay.

About Conceivex, Inc.

Conceivex, Inc., manufactures and distributes The Conception Kit® at-home system, a safe, effective, FDA cleared, drug- and hormone-free, affordably priced health care product that helps couples overcome infertility privately at home. The Conception Kit is also available with a simple co-pay via pharmacy benefit managers, including Express Scripts and ProCare RX; individual, small, and large insurers; and at pharmacies, including Walgreens, CVS Pharmacy, Walmart, and Target nationwide. Drug-and hormone-free, the Conception Kit is available to couples who use their existing insurance coverage for a modest $0-$50 co-pay. Find out more at, on Facebook at, on LinkedIn, and on Twitter (@conceptionkit).

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