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Precautions With Herbs

As we are seeing more clinical data unravel regarding the medicinal properties of herbs, we need to respect the potency of them in return. Where a little of the herb may help, a lot may cause problems - always start off with recommended dosage and adjust slowly! Listen to your body's response to the effects of the herbs. Using a journal to track how your body feels from day to day. It is also recommended that you learn all you can about the herbs on your own -- side effects, etc. Advise your doctor of your herbal use, especially before you take them if you are on any other prescription medications. And by all means - Never mix herbs with fertility drugs!

In fact, all herbs should be discontinued upon the confirmation of a pregnancy. Finally, be realistic with your expectations of what herbs can do for you. Most herbs take 3-6 months to see maximum benefits. And remember - as much as we would wish it - there is no magical fertility pill!


With that having been said you can find a list of commonly used herbs taken for fertility in the Natural Fertility Enhancement section of the medical library. 

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