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General Warnings and Cautions
Read and follow the instructions in the Conception Kit before use.

Use of the Conception Kit is intended to increase the likelihood of becoming pregnant. Pregnancy may involve serious health risks for both you and your unborn child. Consult your doctor or health care professional for possible health risks before use of the Conception Kit.

Conception Kit components will not protect against HIV or any other sexually transmitted diseases.

To avoid choking hazard, keep all Conception Kit components out of reach of children.

Conception Kit components are not intended for contraceptive use. The safety and the effectiveness of the Conception Kit's Cervical Cap for contraception have not been established.

Do not reuse any Conception Kit component.

Only use the non-latex semen collectors provided in the Conception Kit. Do not use condoms. Condoms may contain latex or spermicide which could kill sperm and impede your opportunity to conceive.

Remove the Conception Cap after 4-6 hours. Failure to remove the Conception Cap could result in blocked menstrual flow or infection.

To avoid cervical irritation or infection do not share or reuse the Conception Cap. Infection may endanger future fertility.

Do not insert the Conception Cap for practice. Practicing insertion prior to actual use can cause a hostile environment within the cap which could lead to infection and could impede pregnancy.

Washing the Conception Cap with soap or water can prevent pregnancy.

Only use the sperm-friendly intimate moisturizer provided in the Conception Kit. Other moisturizers may contain spermicide which could kill sperm and impede your opportunity to conceive.

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