Insurance Coverage

The Conception Kit can be covered either as a pharmacy benefit or as a medical benefit with an insurance plan. With or without insurance a prescription is required in the United States.

Pharmacy Benefit: Many insurance policies cover the Conception Kit as a pharmacy benefit with a co-pay between $25-$50. This is the benefit you use at the pharmacy when you pick up your prescription. The co-pay (your portion) varies from plan to plan, but is $25-$50 for most patients. As each insurance plan is unique, simply call Conceivex at 1-616-642-6917 ext 109 during business hours (9 to 5 EST). A member of our staff will facilitate answering your insurance questions. Please have your insurance card available when you call.

If you call your own pharmacist to check your coverage please be prepared to provided them with the information below.

  • Your insurance card information.
  • Product name: Conception Kit
  • Product NDC number: 08597-1111-13

Medical Benefit: Depending on your insurance policy you may have an infertility rider on your policy. Call the medical benefits number on the back of your insurance card to see if this is the case. The wording matters due to some medical benefits only cover the diagnostic tests with infertility while others policies cover both test and treatments. Listen to the wording to see if your medical benefit includes:

Rx products for diagnoses and treatment of infertility on an outpatient bases, hospital, alternative facility, physician's office or in a covered person’s home. Services provided by or under the direction of a physician.

Here is how this relates: the Conception Kit is a treatment that is done in a covered person's home under the direction of a physician that has written a script.

Questions? Call our Customer Support at 1-616-642-6917 ext 109 during business hours (9 to 5 EST).