Ovulation, Tilted Cervix & Vaginal pH

Tilted Cervix

When using the Conception Cap the cervix opening is in contact with the semen regardless of it angle or position relative to the inside of the vagina. Without the Conception Cap a tilted cervix may miss the semen pool left in the vagina after intercourse, thus denying sperm a chance to enter the uterus and swim to the egg.

Ovulation Timing

Ovulation is the best time for the sperm to meet up with the egg as it travels to the uterus. The Conception Kit® at home conception system comes with a three-month supply of ovulation predictors and other timing instruments to help find the best time to move the sperm closer to the egg with a Conception Cap®. By using the ovulation predictors you will have a greater chance to pin point when your "window to conceive", is occurring. Ovulation predictors detect the luteinizing hormone level increase (commonly called the LH surge). The Conception Kit® contains 24 ovulation predictors 8 per month which may be covered by your insurance as a copay!

Vaginal pH

Research has shown that most sperm die when exposed to the acidic environment of the vagina. Inside the Conception Cap® sperm are protected from the vaginal environment and held in direct contact with the opening of the cervix for up to six hours.