Low Sperm Count and Motility

Using the Conception Cap protects the sperm from the vaginal environment and concentrates them directly on the cervical opening to begin their journey to the egg.  Sperm inside the Conception Cap can live for 6 hours or more. When facing a low sperm count or low sperm motility it is important to help every last sperm move closer to the egg while protecting from the vaginal environment.

Privacy at Home

Most men want to avoid the embarrassment associated with clinical testing and procedures associated with infertility. Using the Conception Cap addresses male factor infertility allowing the man to take a proactive approach in the privacy of home. 

The Sperms Journey

A normal ejaculation of semen can contain 60 million or more sperm. On a good trip, only 200 sperm will swim all the way to the egg. Their journey starts in the vaginal area after ejaculation has occurred. Sperm live in two fluids: ejaculation fluid and cervical mucus. The vast majority of all sperm or are pulled out of the vagina prior to reaching the cervical opening. They will not live long if they swim out of the ejaculate onto the vagina wall and do not connect with the cervical mucus (20 minutes or less). Thus having a connection between the ejaculate fluid and the cervical mucus is very important for the sperm's transfer and journey. Next they must progress through the cervical Os (the passage between the vaginal cavity and the uterus), where they must swim through the uterus to the correct fallopian tube to meet the newly released egg.