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About Us

Conceivex, Inc. Support Team

Digistat Corporation
Graphics & Web Consulting Services
Digistat specializes in developing custom desktop and web applications to increase your company's productivity.
Our experienced team can provide creative solutions for all your web publishing needs. Digistat’s graphic artists and programmers can assist you in developing the kind of web presence that truly reflects the quality and professionalism you want your company to be known for.



Anne Holmes & Assoc.
Website programming and infrastructural support

Anne Holmes & Associates specializes in fast and affordable solutions for businesses, groups and individuals. We provide a full range of consulting, design, Internet and Intranet services, technical support that organizations require to build and maintain an effective Internet/Intranet infrastructure.



A leader in the domain, offering customised solutions,...Saint Gobain in beverton Michigan manufactures the Conception Cap.
Together, Gessil, MG Silikon and Sipro, divisions of Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics in the silicone field, have been leaders in manufacturing silicone and fluoro-silicone rubbers for more than thirty years and have built-up enviable reputations for both quality and reliability as major suppliers to aerospace, appliances, automotive, building industry, electricity and industry  companies throughout the world and offering customised solutions. 

HeuleGordon, Inc.
Printed Materials
Heule Gordon produces printed materials through an ultra-effective, worldwide network of proven resources where talent, technology and production facilities are always optimally engaged towards the success of each project.
HG is committed to assume single-source responsibility over all aspects of production from consultation, pre-media, paper and print management, project engineering, logistics and financial accountability.

Access Business Group
Prints the Conception Kit Box .......... .......... ......... .......... .............

Liquipak Corporation was established in 1955 in Alma, Michigan, and is dedicated to providing quality liquid and semi-liquid pouch packaging services for a number of industries. Liquipack is an industry leader in producing attractive, professional packages for a wide variety of products.

Mid State Communications
Office Phones
MidState Communication focuses its marketing efforts on commercial communications systems. In addition to providing general business telephone systems, over the years we have become the local vendor of choice for the communications needs of numerous hospitals, school districts, municipalities, and businesses. The company's reputation for excellence is based on its history of providing simple solutions to complex communications problems.

Deb Martis Photography
Deb Martis captures children as no one else can! Portraits by Deb was the photographer chosen to do the photography for the Conception Kit and key photos on the conception kit web site.

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