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About Us

The History of the Conception Kit and Conception Cap

The Conception Kit was designed by Mr. Michael La Vean, holder of 11 gynecological patents in reproductive health care.  Mr. La Vean is best known for inventing the Oves Contraception Cap, for which he was presented with the prestigious Gynecological Innovation of the Year award in France and Italy in 1999.
A few years ago Mr. La Vean began hearing stories of family, friends and associates who were struggling with infertility.  Realizing that the process of trying to conceive a baby can range from wonderfully miraculous to coldly clinical, Mr. La Vean knew that over-the-counter products were needed to address some of the common barriers to conception.
The first product Michael invented was the Conception Cap, a soft, flexible cervical cap that pools semen at the cervical Os. He then invented a companion product, the Conception Kit, a package of "tools" that work together with the Conception Cap to enhance a couple’s opportunity to conceive. These products combine to give couples the dignity and intimacy to create the miracle of life in the privacy of their homes.


In 2002 Mr. La Vean formed Conceivex Inc., bringing together a team of professionals that understand the vast need for an over-the-counter Conception Kit.  From all of us at Conceivex, it is our genuine hope that the Conception Kit and Conception Cap will help you become pregnant.

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