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Conception & Infertility Support

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Conceivex? Conceivex, Inc. is a medical device company that specializes in reproductive health. Conceivex, Inc. manufacturers and sells the Conception Cap and the Conception Kit.

What are the components of the Conception Kit? The Conception Kit includes a three month supply of the following one Practice Conception Cap, one Conception Cap per month, eight ovulation predictors per month, one pregnancy test kit per month, one non-latex semen collector per month, and one sperm-friendly moisturizer packet per month. The Conception Kit also includes a Conception Journal, two Conception Wheels, and a medical provider note.

What infertility issues does the Conception Kit help overcome? The Conception Kit can help enhance a couple's opportunity to conceive when the following infertility issues are a factor:
    • Low sperm motility
    • Low sperm count
    • Position of the penis opening (hypospadias & epispadias)
    • Tilted cervix
    • Timing of ovulation
    • Hostile vaginal environment (vaginal ph is no longer a problem)
    • Position during intercourse

What infertility issues does the Conception Kit not address? The Conception Kit can not overcome the following infertility issues:

  • Endometriosis
  • Azospermic (no sperm in the semen)
  • Scarred uterus
  • Blocked fallopian tube
  • Luteal phase defect
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome
  • Low follicle stimulating hormone
  • Genital warts
  • Polyps and fibroids
  • Age
  • Other serious conditions

Can a man or woman with a latex allergy use the Conception Kit? Yes, the Conception Kit contains no latex.

What is the Conception Cap?  The Conception Cap is a cervical cap used to help couples conceive. The Conception Cap is the main component of the Conception Kit. Currently the Conception Kit is the only at-home medical device on the market that uses this type of technology.

What is a cervical cap?  Cervical caps have been used for conception and contraception since the 1950's. Early models were made from surgical steel, and later of rubber. The FDA defines"cervical cap" in the Code of Federal Regulations #21CFR884.5250 as: "...a flexible cup like receptacle that fits over the cervix to collect menstrual flow or to aid artificial insemination." The modern cervical cap is made from surgical grade silicone and can be fit by the patient or their Family Practice, General or OB/GYN Practitioner. The Conception Cap has been designed with special flanges that allow it to fit virtually all women who have never delivered a baby and most women who have delivered a baby. 

Who designed the Conception Cap? Mr. Michael La Vean designed and patented the Conception Cap. Mr. La Vean has a long history in reproductive health care. In 1999 Mr. La Vean won the Gynecological Innovation of the Year Award in both France and Italy for the development of the Oves Brand of over-the-counter contraceptive cervical caps. During that time, Michael saw a need for a safe and effective over-the-counter product to help couples having difficulties conceiving a baby. It occurred to him that a variation of his contraceptive invention could be used to fill that vast need. Determined to help couples realize their family goals, Michael started Conceivex Inc. Today Conceivex, Inc. manufacturers the Conception Cap and the Conception Kit.

What is the advantage of the Conceivex Inc. Conception Cap? The Conception Cap allows the user to place semen directly onto the cervix. When utilized in conjuction with the other tools in the Conception Kit (ovulation predictors, non-latex semen collector and sperm-friendly moisturizer sample), it can increase a couple's ability to conceive.

Can the Conception Cap be used with fertility medications?  Yes, fertility medications can be used. There is no contraindication to using the cap with fertility medications.

Who should use the Conception Cap? Any healthy female that wishes to conceive can use the Conception Cap. Women who wish to time a pregnancy and delivery should consider using the Conception Cap. Women who wish to become pregnant without having intercourse should consider using the Conception Cap. The Conception Cap gives women greater control with less expense than using in vitro fertilization.

Do Conception Caps come in different sizes? The Conception Cap has been designed with special flanges that allow it to fit virtually all women who have never delivered a baby and most women who have delivered a baby.

How long does the Conception Cap need to stay in place? The Conception Cap should stay in place for six to eight hours, or overnight.

Does the Conception Cap need to be professionally sized or fitted? No. The Conception Cap does not have to be fitted. The Cap was specifically designed to be an over-the-counter product that a woman can use directly from the box.

Can the Conception Cap be reused? No. The Conception Cap is a single use only product. Reuse could lead to cervical irritation and infection.

Is the Conception Cap sterile? No, the Conception Cap is not sterile. The Conception Cap is manufactured in a medical clean room environment then placed in its plastic tray and sealed. No human ever touches the Conception cap until it is opened by the user.

What are some of the risks associated with using the Conception Kit and Conception Cap? The following are risks of using the Conception Kit and its products:

  • A Conception Cap that is not removed from the vagina could result in blocked menstrual flow, causing serious injury to the cervical tissue, prevention of pregnancy and infection.
  • Sharing the Conception Cap could result in an infection, cause the spread of HIV/STD/STI and may prevent pregnancy.
  • To avoid choking hazard keep all Conception Kit components out of reach of children.


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