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Conception & Infertility Support


Trying to conceive can be very stressful.  Taping into the natural mind body connection to acheive relaxation can have a positive effect on fertility. 
Research has linked stress and infertility, and reducing stress through meditation can make a difference in your efforts to conceive.  
We recommend Circle + Bloom, for a comprehensive fertility visualization program that can compliment your efforts to conceive.
 3 simple ways to begin to integrate Mind + Body into your daily wellness routine.

1.  Become curious about how your body works.  The knowledge – and therefore the ability to visualize – either the wellness of your body, or your health problem is absolutely key.  A central theme in fertility visualization works everyday to provide the correct visualization of what the monthly cycle is accomplishing during that time of the month.  Once you have that knowledge, you can essentially leave it up to your intuition to tell you how to go about the most effective visualization.


2.  Become the observer of your thoughts.  Our minds work tirelessly.  It’s almost impossible for most of us to stop our brain from its chatter.  What can happen when we start to become the observer of our thoughts, something inside begins to shift.  One of the things to remember when doing this, however, is to not be judgmental of your thoughts.  Don’t try to change them, just be curious about them.  Observe the emotions that bubble to the surface, how your body feels when you have such thoughts. 


3.  Visualize, Meditate, and/or Practice Yoga.  In combination with becoming aware of your thoughts and having the knowledge of how your body operates, you can begin to integrate this practice into your everyday life.  By simply taking a moment during the day to take a deep breath, open your senses to take clues as to what you are feeling, and then visualize the inward balancing of your physical state.  Letting your intuition be your guide.  Don’t judge yourself, just accept what your body is telling you.  As you begin this practice, you will build trust within to strengthen these inward connections.

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