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About the Conception Kit

Frequently Asked Questions about Ordering
1. How do I get a prescription?
United States orders require a valid prescription.
Conceivex makes obtaining a free prescription easy during the check out/ordering process:
A) Proceed through check-out.
B) Half way through the ordering process you will be asked to fill out a medical history form.
C) Once the medical history form is filled out it is automatically sent electronically to a physician to review.
D) Upon physician approval, your prescription will be written and sent to Conceivex.
E) You will be notified of the following by e-mail:
            1) When your prescription was received.
             2)The physician cannot write a presciption
                  at this time (reasons will be provided).
             3) When your order has shipped.
From the time you fill out the medical history form to when Conceivex fills the order takes one business day.
The other option is to have your doctor write you a prescription and fax it to Conceivex, Inc. at 616-642-0257.
In Canada you can order the Conception Kit without a prescription.
2. What if the on-line physician has concerns?
If the on-line physician has any concerns you will be contacted via e-mail. A visit to your primary care physician may be recommended before a prescription for the Conception Kit may be obtained.
3. How long does it take to receive my Conception Kit?
Once Conceivex Inc. receives your prescription the order is filled and shipped. It takes one business day for the prescription to be filled and three business days to ship. Your Conception Kit will reach you in less than one week.
4. How is my Conception Kit shipped and are their any additional charges?
In the United States the Conception Kit is shipped by UPS 3 day select for a $15 shipping charge.
Internationally the Conception Kit is shipped via DHL the charge is $25 dollars and customs and duty charges (if any) will be your responsibility upon delivery.
5. I am an AOL customer and did not receive a confirmation. What happened?
At this time AOL blocks the automated response that your order has been received. Conceivex will send you an email from their customer service department confirming your order has been received.
6. I have a medical question about the Conception Kit. How can I have my question answered?
To have a medical question answered about the Conception Kit visit the Contact Us section of the Conception Kit web site. A customer service representative will contact you promptly and answer your question.
7. As a patient does insurance cover the Conception Kit?
At this time the Conception Kit is not covered by insurance reimbursement for the patients.



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