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About the Conception Kit

Why Three Months ...  
 three months gives you a  greater opportunity to become pregnant.
The Conception Kit is a reproductive health care treatment designed for use at home. The kit contains a three month supply of all essential components. The Conception Kit empowers couples by giving them a set of useful tools to aid in becoming pregnant.  The most important tool is the Conception Cap.  The Conception Cap concentrates the semen directly at the cervical opening (cervical os).  The Conception Cap works with the other components to enhance opportunity to conceive.  Thus, Conceivex does not sell the components individually.
Here is how the Conception Kit works: 
Three monthly boxes are inside each kit
Each monthly box contains:
Ovulation predictors. The Conception Kit contains eight ovulation predictors per month, for a total of 24 ovulation predictors. Having more ovulation predictors than normal to detect the LH surge gives you a greater opportunity to pinpoint the exact time to use the Conception Kit and become pregnant. For this reason the makers of the Conception Kit  wanted to ensure that women would not run out of ovulation predictors and possibly buy inferior predictors elsewhere. Remember that all Conception Kit products are designed to work together. If your LH surge is not regular, having eight ovulation predictors each month will greatly increase your chance to pinpoint ovulation. When compared with other ovulation predictors, you will see that other predictors are usually packaged only three to five per box.
Semen collector. The Conception Kit contains three semen collectors, one for each monthAfter detecting the LH surge, it is time to have sex normally using the special semen collector. Although they resemble condoms, the semen collectors found in the kit are latex-free, and lack the spermicidal properties found in condoms designed for contraception.
Conception Cap. The Conception Kit contains three Conception Caps, one cap for each month. The unique and FDA Cleared Conception Cap is designed to contain a pool of semen which is then inserted into the vagina and placed over the cervix. In simple terms, the Conception Cap works with the other kit components to physically move the sperm closer to the egg at the optimum time for conception. The Conception Cap is what makes the Conception Kit unique. It is the only cervical cap designed specifically for conception.  Although the process of conception is complicated, using the Conception Cap is not. The Instruction for Use Manual contains clear instructions and diagrams that will show you all you need to know about your anatomy to ensure that you have inserted the Conception Cap properly.
Sample of sperm friendly intimate moisturizer. There are three samples of intimate moisturizer in each Conception Kit, one for each month.  For your comfort and convenience each monthly box contains a sample of Pre-seedex. This intimate moisturizer contains no spermicide and will not kill the sperm.
Pregnancy Test. There are a total of three pregnancy tests in the Conception Kit, one each month box to determine if you were successful.

Conception Journal. Included in each Conception Kit is a Conception Journal which provides a place to record your fertility cycle and other health information. This information can be extremely helpful to your health care provider when making decision about your care.

Instruction for Use Manual. Every Conception Kit includes an Instruction for Use Manual that will give you detailed instructions on how to use each component of the kit and how they work together.

Two Conception Wheels. Two Conception Wheels are included in every Conception Kit. Women will find the wheels very helpful for timing a pregnancy.

One Medical Provider Note. The medical provider note will let your medical provider know that you are trying to conceive. The Conception Kit contains one medical provider note per kit.

If you have been unsuccessfully trying to become pregnant, we invite you to purchase the Conception Kit and discover for yourself how the Conception Cap and the Conception Kit can enhance your opportunity to conceive over a three month period.
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